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Aiwina Sanitary Panty

RM14.40 MYR
Size: S/M
Quantity: 3 Packs (9pcs)

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For overnight and heavy days,provides you with worry-free protection and ultimate comfort.

  • Sleeping Well in Any Positions
  • 12 Hours Protection
  • 360°Anti-Leakage Protection
Size: S/M
Quantity: 3 Packs (9pcs)

Overnight Sanitary Panty

Ensures dry, fresh comfort all night long. Trust this panty to be your overnight guardian, providing reliable comfort until morning.

Seamless Underwear Feel

Mimics the comfort of regular underwear with a higher waistline and elastic bands for a flexible, secure fit. Offers 360° leakproof protection for any sleep position.

All-Day Freshness

Engineered for all-day comfort with a breathable design that keeps you dry and comfortable, ideal for extended wear without discomfort.

Breathable Comfort

Features lightweight, breathable materials that allow your skin to breathe freely, enhancing comfort and maintaining freshness throughout the day.

Usage and Sizing Guide

Slip on like regular underwear; tear off sides to remove. Sizes S/M fits waists ≤105 cm, hips 60-105 cm; Sizes L/XL fits waists ≤120 cm, hips 80-120 cm.

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How do I prevent accidental pad leaks?

A common cause of leaks is a poor-fitting pad.Step up in size to help stop leaks. Find the right-size pad using your flow and your panty size and the chart above.

Can it be used during the daytime?

It can be used during the day and night.It can effectively prevent leakage when used during the daytime for sports and travel, and it can protect you during your night sleep.

What are the differences between daytime pads and overnight pads?

Because your body positions and movements are different during the day and night,you can choose differnt sizes of pads to meet day and night needs.