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What To Do If Baby Is Constipated After Starting Solids?

What To Do If Baby Is Constipated After Starting Solids?

There are two reasons why a baby may become constipated.

1.The structure of complementary food is not reasonable, and the structure of complementary food with more meat and less vegetables will easily cause insufficient intake of dietary fibre and cause constipation.

2.Constipation is a sign of allergy and there may be foods in the complementary diet that are causing your baby's allergy and the allergens need to be identified.


If allergens are detected in complementary foods, a "dietary avoidance" is required. Parents should ensure that their baby's complementary foods do not contain allergenic foods and that the baby's diet is balanced to ensure normal growth.

If no allergens are detected in complementary foods, constipation in babies can be improved as follows:

1.A balanced diet

In addition to ensuring a daily milk intake, parents should pay attention to a balanced diet, especially with adequate intake of vegetables and fruits, and a good mix of meat and vegetables. Dietary fibre (e.g. prebiotics) can also be supplemented to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the baby's intestinal tract to protect it from constipation caused by intestinal dysfunction.

2.Increase water intake

Some babies are constipated because they drink too little water. These babies' poops are usually dry, hard and dark, or even as bad as sheep faeces, and they struggle to pass poop. In such cases, mothers are advised to increase the amount of water their babies drink, and to drink warm water as appropriate.

3.Let the baby exercise more

The less your baby moves, the greater the risk of constipation. Make sure your baby crawls, rolls back and forth or walks a lot during the day, as more movement helps with bowel movements. If your baby is too young, parents can try gently giving your baby leg exercises by pushing his or her knees alternately into the abdomen. This helps to move food through the digestive system, making the digestive tract move better and helping with bowel movements.



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