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Aiwina Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins

RM10.90 MYR
Size: 245 mm (8pcs)
Quantity: 4 Packs

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The hydrophilic non-woven top layer provides a soft touch, ensuring skin comfort.

  • Ultra Thin & Breathable
  • High Absorbent
  • Fresh Scent
Size: 245 mm (8pcs)
Quantity: 4 Packs

Comfort Means Everything

Experience unparalleled comfort with our ultra-thin design, enhanced with a green tea fragrance for a refreshing feel. Engineered for zero-touch dryness to keep you comfortable and confident throughout the day.

Cloud-Soft Comfort

Enjoy the incredibly soft layer that offers maximum comfort against your skin, making you forget you're wearing it.

Featherlight Freshness

Our ultra-thin pads are designed to wick away moisture effectively without the bulky feel, ensuring breathability and dryness.

Seamless Fit Sanitary Napkins

Molds to your body for comfortable protection that moves with you. Infused with a gentle green tea scent, it provides a fresh, dry feeling all day long.

Freshness All Day

Designed for all-day comfort with advanced materials that keep you fresh and dry from morning to night.

Hygienic Individual Packaging

Each pad is individually wrapped in a non-woven bag and securely sealed with glue, enhancing the user experience by ensuring hygiene and convenience.

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How do I prevent accidental pad leaks?

A common cause of leaks is a poor-fitting pad.Step up in size to help stop leaks. Find the right-size pad using your flow and your panty size and the chart above.

How often should I change my pad?

It's best to change your daily pad every four hours to help you stay clean and comfortable.

What are the differences between daytime pads and overnight pads?

Because your body positions and movements are different during the day and night,you can choose differnt sizes of pads to meet day and night needs.