Why should I choose you?

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What is the service life of Aiwibi baby diapers and how to store them?

Generally, the service life of Aiwibi baby diapers is three years.

When storing, please keep them in a clean, dry place without strong light exposure.

Especially after opening, check them before use to avoid dust or insects entering, and keep diapers clean.

In addition, please keep it in an appropriate place, and do not place it in a place with high temperature or peculiar smell.

How to choose the size of diapers?

Due to the size and shape design of diapers, the fitness to babies may be different. We suggest that the choice should be based on the baby’s weight and parents should also pay attention to the baby’s wearing comfort and choose the most suitable size.

Here are a few tips for choosing an appropriate size:

(1) After wearing the diaper, two fingers can be inserted into the waistline normally. It is indicated that the baby’s wearing is in a comfortable range.

(2) When the diaper is taken off, there is no trace of the baby’s body being stretched out by the diaper.

(3) After the diaper is worn, the baby’s navel is not strangled by the belt, and there is no obvious gap between the baby’s legs and the diaper.

Why does the diaper leak?

(1) The diaper worn is too small so that lead to leakage. The diaper does not have enough absorbent space to hold the baby’s urine and feces.

(2) The diaper is not worn properly, for example, the leg cuffs are not worn properly with leaving a gap.

(3) The diaper worn is too big, and the baby’s urine and feces can easily leak out from the gap.

When do I need to change from Aiwibi diapers to baby pants?

When your baby starts to be able to stand up and unwilling to lie in bed for a long time, it is time to consider changing to baby pants. It is more convenient to wear baby pants that can be easily taken off after your baby starts to move around. When choosing baby pants, parents should consider the baby’s weight and waist line, so as to choose appropriate size for the baby’s body shape.

How to wear diapers for babies?

(1) Unfold the diaper and pull out the elastic pant legs.

(2) Place the bottom half of the diaper between your baby’s legs and press it against your baby’s stomach.

(3) Pull out the tapes from the both sides and attach them to the adhesive strips in the front. You can adjust the tape to fit your baby’s body shape.

(4) Pull the leg cuffs outward to prevent the cuffs from folding inward.

In addition, in order to give your baby a better wearing experience, it is necessary to make the diaper fit the baby’s body as much as possible and choose the appropriate size for your baby.

How to avoid red butts?

(1) Choose high-quality, soft and breathable diapers to change diapers in a timely and diligent manner.

(2) Clean the baby's butts in time, preferably with warm water after defecation, or use skin-friendly baby wet wipes to wipe the baby’s butts.

(3) After cleaning the baby, wipe the baby’s butts dry in time and then apply some baby butt cream, which can effectively protect the baby's skin.

(4) It is a good way to let your baby's butts are exposed to the air and get some sun every day. You can do this while changing diapers, but be careful not to let the baby have a cold.

Is the SAP used in diapers safe?

The SAP is completely safe even if they come into direct contact with the skin. And it has no adverse effects on the skin and mucous membrane. In case of contact with skin, it can be washed with warm water.

Does the smell of the newly bought diapers affect the use?

It does not affect the use. The raw materials used in the production of diapers have a certain odor, but we promise that our raw materials are safe and reliable, so you can use our products with confidence. Please note that after the diapers are opened, remember to avoid long-term exposure to stimulating, so as not to be contaminated.