Aiwibi Malaysia

[Pants] Aiwibi Night+ Baby Diaper Pants

RM54.90 MYR
Size: M (48pcs)
Bundle: 1 Pack

Pickup available at AIWIBI MALAYSIA HQ

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SilkySoft* Air non-woven fabrics with DualCore* Absorb Tech, providing  a silky-soft touch and faster absorption.

  • SilkySoft* Air Non-Woven Fabrics
  • DualCore* Absorb Tech
  • Anti-Red Mark Bubble Belt
Size: M (48pcs)
Bundle: 1 Pack

360°Anti-Red Mark Belt Tech

The Soft Bubble Belt provides a gentle cloud-like soft protection ensuring no red marks are left on the delicate skin.

Millions of Breathable Micropores Tech

Helps air circulate between the skin and the pants to prevent red butt and rashes.

Pant-Based Natural Materials

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Dualcore™ Absorb Tech

This technology that integrates natural fluff pulp absorbent into the extra dry layer makes absorption much faster and easier.

Air Non-Woven Fabrics

Provides a Silky-Soft Touch and Gentle Skin Protection.

Certified Quality Assurance

Backed by Dermatest certification, rigorous quality management system standards, and SGS approval, ensuring top safety and quality for your peace of mind.

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